Graduation Prep

Thursday, Mar 16, 2017

The finish line is in sight with graduation right around the corner; however, life after school can be a little uncertain. As you begin thinking about what might be next, here are some helpful tips to guide your transition from Tisch student to Tisch alum.

Reflect on what you are looking for in your post grad life and future job. You can begin this process by using the questions below:   
●        When you think about what matters most to you after graduation, what qualities stand out?
●        Is staying in New York going to be the best step? Heading to LA? Moving to another artistic hub?
●        Is it going to be best for you to have an industry job right now or have a sustainable day job while you work on your artistic endeavors? Or a combination of the two?
●        What is your money situation like? Are you able to take some time off to look for a job or do you need some income right after graduation? What do you need to make ends meet? Did you make a budget?
●        What is going to set you up in the best possible way for where you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Also, ask yourself what qualities of a job matter most to you. How important are the following things to you (or if they are important to you):

●        Salary, work schedule, and hours
●        Opportunities to develop useful skills
●        How well employees work together
●        Size and reputation of the office/company
●        Will you be challenged creatively

Figuring out what you want will make it easier to begin looking for opportunities and help you speak about your interests in cover letters and interviews. Once you have reflected on all of the things that will make a job the right one for you, you can begin cleaning up all of the pieces that will allow you to market yourself. A good rule of thumb is to review your social media, LinkedIn, and digital portfolios, to make sure everything is cohesive and up-to-date. Be sure to reach out to your network with your new cover letter and resume, this is a great way to receive feedback as to whether your resume and cover letter align to the future job that you would like.

At this stage, you should reach out to potential references and let them know that they may be contacted to speak about your abilities. A great practice is to set up informational interviews. This is a good way to learn more out about a specific industry, company, role, to expand your network or simply receive advice for the future.   

Lastly, swing by Tisch Office of Career Development! You can have your resume and cover letter reviewed, also, make sure you sign up for workshops, fairs, and events on Tisch College Central. This semester, we have programs geared specifically for seniors, including Collaboration Hour (March 9 & 31), “Life After Tisch” (April 3), and an LA meet-up (April 7).  For more information, go to or visit the office on the 2nd floor of 726 Broadway.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! #Classof2017