Fall 2015 Events

  • Danh Võ and the Communism of Incommensurability

    A Lecture by Joshua Chambers-Letson

    This meditation on the work of conceptual artist Danh Võ explores Võ's work as an encounter with a coming community that exists in a shared and incommensurable relationship to things and of the singularities who encounter them. It suggests that Võ's work opens up an opportunity to perform into being an actually existing queer and brown communism of incommensurability.

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    a lecture by Jayna Brown

    This talk is dedicated to a feminism that dances, and screams and blows things up.

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  • Discotropic: Alien Talk Show

    In DISCOTROPIC | Alien Talk Show (2015) niv Acosta seizes on an elementary medium of transgender exposure—television and the confessional culture of the talk show—to explore the relationships between science fiction, disco, astrophysics, and the black American experience. In collaboration with performers Monstah Black, Justin Allen, André D. Singleton (aka Brohogany Opulence), Juliana Huxtable, and Ashley Brockington he tapes a talk show to revisit past futures and claim a fantastical site of possibility. DISCOTROPIC is episodical and has premiered earlier episodes as a part of New Museum’s Triennial ‘Surround Audience’ 2015 as well as in the Museum of Contemporary African Diasooran Art’s (MoCADA) Brooklyn Soul Festival ‘Black August’ 2015.

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  • Scott Saul Lecture

    Scott Saul, Professor of English at University California, Berkley and author of "Becoming Richard Pryor," will talk through a few ways he reframes our understanding of Richard Pryor, pegged to some basic discoveries he made about his life and his artistic sensibility and "the intimate public sphere" created by his work.

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  • Youth Hosteling with Vaginal Davis

    with Special Guest Susanne Sachsse & Moderated by Tavia Nyong'o

    This performative interview with artists Vaginal Davis and Susanne Sachsse is timed to coincide with Vaginal Davis’s staging of The Magic Flute at NYU. Both artistes will be on hand to discuss their current and past collaborations as part of the Cheap Collective, Berlin: collaborations that include the original evening-length melodrama, Communist Bigamist. Decrypt masonic symbols! Learn more about Dr. Davis’s namesake! Exult in the sheer force of Ms. Sachsse’s presence!

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  • Sattriya: Classical Dance of Assam

    A lecture by Dr. Sunil Kothari

    Dance historian, scholar, author, critic, and former Dean and Professor of The School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, DR SUNIL KOTHARI, will deliver an illustrated talk on SATTRIYA: Classical Dance of Assam, the 8th recognized classical Dance form of India.

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