How long will it take to complete the program?

The program will take three years to complete, including one summer. Students will spend the first year at Stern, the second year at Kanbar, and the third year will be split between the two schools. The first summer will be spent at Kanbar taking two prerequisite courses that will prepare the student to join the production classes in the fall. Additionally, Dual Degree in Producing students sometimes spend the second summer producing Thesis level films in order to satisfy their own Producing Thesis requirement.

What is the course breakdown between the two programs?

Individual Degree:
Core: 22.5
Elective: 37.5
Total 60

Core: 22.5
Elective: 28.5*
Total: 51

Individual Degree:
Core: 72
Elective: 36
Total: 108

Core: 42
Elective: 18
Total: 60**

MFA/MBA: Total: 111

* It is strongly recommended that dual degree students select EMT as one of their specializations at Stern and take B70.2116 The Business of Producing as part of it.

** Students are required to produce either three thesis films, or two thesis films and two second-year films as part of their MFA in Producing Kanbar degree.

How are the summer modules split between the two programs?

The student will take Sight & Sound, an intensive production class, and Writing the Short Screenplay at Kanbar during the first summer for a total of 10 credits. The student may spend the second summer producing Thesis level films in order to satisfy their own Producing Thesis requirement, although this is not a requirement and students sometimes complete internships their second summer.

Will I have access to the career resources at both schools?

Students pursuing careers in the entertainment sector take responsibility for a primarily self-directed career search. However, students can participate in a series of initiatives at both schools to augment their search. Access to all Stern alumni and Stern-specific job posting will become available within the first few months of school.

What if I am admitted to one program, but not the other?

Students must be admitted to both programs separately in order to qualify for the Dual Degree in MBA/MFA program. If a student is admitted to Stern alone, they are welcome to pursue that degree. Admittance to Tisch alone does not guarantee admission to the MFA program.

Will I be eligible for graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships?

MBA/MFA in Producing students may obtain a Teaching Fellowship (TF) or Graduate Assistantship (GA) position at NYU Stern. Eligibility requirements for these positions are completion of 9 credits at Stern and maintenance of a 3.0 GPA. Payment for these positions is in the form of tuition remission at Stern. Students can apply to be in-class Technical Assistants (TAs) at Kanbar for up to 10 hours per week. They are not responsible for teaching courses.

What on-campus housing resources are available?

You will have access to on-campus housing through NYU Stern in any year that you are enrolled in classes at NYU Stern. Limited Graduate Housing is available to Tisch students, but housing is not guaranteed while enrolled.

Graduate students who are registered for summer classes are eligible for summer school housing for the duration of their courses. More information can be found by contacting the Summer Housing Office (212 998-4600 ext 2) or at www.nyu.edu/summer/housing.

What scholarships are available?

All applicants admitted to NYU Stern are considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarships to the Kanbar Institute are awarded on a competitive basis and may reflect academic merit as well as demonstrated financial need. For more information on Kanbar scholarships and how to apply for them, consult the “Tisch Scholarship Guide,” which you may view online or download at https://tisch.nyu.edu/admissions/financial-aid/tisch-scholarship-guide. For more information on Stern scholarships, please visit http://www.stern.nyu.edu/portal-partners/financial-aid.