Dance History West African Master Class

Friday, Nov 3, 2017

NYU Tisch Dance students in Patricia Beaman's Dance History course learn the West African gumbay (goombay) from Caren Calder, and are accompanied by Crystal Energy and Desmond Howard on percussion. Other Master Classes include bharatanatyam, noh, flamenco, and Balinese dance.

Caren Calder is a dancer, percussionist and yoga instructor who has performed with Garth Fagan's Bottom of the Bucket, But...Dance Theatre, Chuck Davis Dance Company, and Forces of Nature Dance Theatre. She currently plays African percussion and sings with Women Of The Calabash and Alakande! Spread Joy! Her family company, Indigo Arts brings West African dance and music to audiences of all ages.

Open to non-majors with permission by instructor.

DANC-UT 106 History of Dance I, 3 credits

DANC-GT 2102 Graduate Dance History, 3 credits