ReMu Talks: Dispatch's Pete Francis

Join us for ReMu Talks: Dispatch's Pete Francis, moderated by Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music faculty member, Marc Plotkin. 

Pete Francis Heimbold is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is most widely-known as one of the three founding members of the band Dispatch. From the late nineties through today, Pete and Dispatch have forged independent music history as an act that grew solely on word of mouth without any major label assistance, yet have been able to have multiple sold-out runs at Madison Square Garden, Boston's TD Garden, Red Rocks, and arenas throughout the world. If you go on one of those Duck Tours in Boston, tour guides will point out the location of the largest independent music event in history, which occurred at Boston's Hatch Shell in 2004 when Pete and Dispatch expected around 30K people to show up. They and the entire city of Boston were pleasantly surprised when 110K people showed up instead. Outside of Dispatch, Pete is a prolific songwriter who continually experiments with new sounds and styles.