Course Offering

Degree Requirments

Bachelors in Fine Arts

128 points TOTAL
54 minimum points in Film & TV**
44 minimum points in General Education
Remaining points Elective
Average: 16-18 points per semester

Degree Outline

Tiimeline subject to some variation student to student.

Freshman Year

All Freshmen complete both these semesters. Some take Audio in the Fall, others Visual.

Visual Semester
Frame & Sequence*
Language of Film
Freshman Colloquium:
Art & Practice
Writing the Essay
General Education
*Can substitute Intro to Animation

Audio Semester
Sound Image
Storytelling Strategies
Freshman Colloquium:
Performance Strategies
Writing the Essay
General Education

Sophomore Year

Sight & Sound (take 2 of the 3): Studio, Documentary, or Filmmaking
Dramatic & Visual Writing
Production Safety and Set Protocol
General Education Courses   

Junior & Senior Years

Specialization -- Student’s choice for remaining film credits

Craft Classes
Intro to 3D Animation
Director’s Process
Intro to Editing
...and many more

Production Classes
Commercial Short Forms
Children’s TV Production
Advanced Animation    
Narrative Workshop
...and many more   

Writing the Feature Film
Writing for Animation
Advanced TV Writing
Script Analysis
...and many more

History & Criticism
International Cinema
Comedy in America
 Film Analysis
Documentary Traditions
...and many more

For full curriculum overview, please refer to the Tisch Bulletin PDF.