Applying to NYU & The Film & Television Portfolio requirements  

Undergraduate Division, Kanbar Institute of Film and Television Application and Creative Portfolio requirements

There are two required components that you must submit to successfully complete your application for admission:

  1. You must complete the Common Application with the NYU Supplement.

  2. You must prepare a five-part creative portfolio and submit via the Department online application system, Slideroom.

You can register and set up a slideroom department account at this link:

Application and creative portfolio deadlines:

Freshman Early Decision 1: uploaded by November 1st
Freshman Early Decision 2:
uploaded by January 1st
Freshman Regular Decision: uploaded by January 1st
Internal Transfer/Change of Major/Double Major: uploaded by March 1st
External Transfer: uploaded by April 1st

Additional deadline Information: We strongly suggest Early Decision 1 applicants submit their portfolio by October 1st and Early Decision 2 applicants submit their portfolios by December 1st

Creative Portfolio Submission Requirements

Part 1. A one-page resume that highlights creative work accomplished, activities and/or relevant employment.  

Part 2. Leadership and Collaboration Anecdote - In three hundred words or less (no more than one page, double-spaced), describe an experience in which you exercised leadership and/or took part in a productive collaboration.

Part 3. Personal Story - Describe an event in your life and how it changed you or someone close to you. The assignment should be written as a short story.

Part 4. Artistic Influences -  How has a film, play, book, television series, painting, music or other significant work of art inspired or influenced your own work or the way you look at the world.

Part 5: Creative Submission - Please submit a sample of your work in one of the categories below. Choose ONLY ONE of the following:

a. Film or video/ live action, fiction, experimental, documentary or animation.  (Up to ten minutes total running time) and may include several short pieces.

b.  A portfolio of photos, drawings, paintings, sculpture or set design.

c. A sequence of ten to fifteen still images on any subject which shows a story.  Narrartive or documentary

d. No more than six pages of creative writing consisting of either a complete short story, film script or stage play.

Please click here for additional details about the creative portfolio and submitting to slideroom.