Vincent J Anania

Adjunct Teacher; Associate Arts Professor

Jay Anania has been making films since the mid-70's. After working in experimental forms for several years, he began making documentaries for television (PBS and ABC, principally). These films covered political subjects throughout the Third World: Northwest Pakistan, The Phillipines,Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Ethiopia, Sudan, Malawi, Egypt, and the South Pacific.  These films he shot, directed, edited, and wrote - often working as a one man crew.

He continues to make award-winning documentaries on cultural and political subjects, but has also, since the mid-90's, begun writing, directing and editing narrative features. His dramatic work is noted for its formal concerns, and for its exploration of narrative structure. His dramatic features include : THE PAGAN BOOK OF ARTHUR RIMBAUD (1995), LONG TIME SINCE (1997), THE CITIZEN (1999), THE GIRL UNDER THE WAVES (2001), HER NAME IS CARLA (2003), DAY ON FIRE (2006), DRINKING SAND (2008). He is currently in post-production on THE LOST HOURS.

He is also currently in production on a series of call-and-response collaborations with directors from countries that the U.S does not deal with diplomatically.  THR-NY is a collaboration with Iranian director Faryar Javaherian, and LETTER TO DAMASCUS is a collaboration with Syrian director Omar Amirilay.  

Features in development are THE STARE, THE FALLING BOY, THE OTHER ONE, and a ten-part series of feature-length improvisations, BLACK BOX.


First, Second, Third Year Directing


BA - U. of North Carolina MA - N.C. State U./School of Design