Visiting Students

721 Broadway

721 Broadway

How could a few months or even a few weeks at Tisch change your life?

Come explore a new career path, get a fresh perspective, or rediscover a passion. You can enroll in Tisch classes and special programs regardless of whether or not you currently attend a university. We offer rigorous, inspiring courses year-round for current college students and adult learners in New York City and abroad.

January Term 

Tisch offers January Term courses to all NYU and visiting undergraduate students, including international students. This is an opportunity for students to complete their degree requirements or pursue personal interests in various artistic disciplines. For-credit and non-credit courses are available. Session dates may vary by program. Learn more about January Term.

Havana, Cuba

J-Term: Postcards from Cuba allows students to study abroad for three weeks in Havana

Study Abroad

Tisch Study Abroad programs offer specialized, advanced-level training in a variety of arts disciplines and meet the same standards of excellence as our programs in New York. Your coursework in cities like Berlin, Havana, Prague and Sydney will extend beyond the classroom with field trips, performances, and interaction with professional artists. You do not need to be enrolled at Tisch or at NYU to apply. Programs are offered during the spring, summer, and fall, as well as January term. Application deadlines vary. Learn more about Tisch Study Abroad.


Spring at Tisch

Bring your passion to New York City for a semester at Tisch and complete your college experience.

Spend one full-time spring semester at Tisch and focus on emerging media or the cinematic and performing arts. Maybe you've always dreamed of studying the arts in New York City or just need a change of pace from your home school. Spring at Tisch is an opportunity to explore artistic disciplines in a city filled with vibrant, diverse neighborhoods and creative influences around every corner.

"I kind of wanted to just dive in deep training-wise, and Spring at Tisch for me provided that opportunity." — Shanice Stanislaus, Open Arts Studio, Spring 2016

Learn more about Spring at Tisch.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Summer at Tisch

Explore a new passion, develop your skills, change your perspective, or focus deeply on a single project with summer courses at Tisch.

We offer undergraduate, graduate, and non-credit courses for students looking to continue their studies or kickstart a new project. Courses include academic study of the arts as well as professional, conservatory training across disciplines.

You can take as much or as little control over your curriculum as you choose: Enroll in individual courses of your choosing, or register for an undergraduate summer intensive with a pre-designed curriculum.

Find the summer course that's right for you.

Non-Credit Courses and Certificates

Visiting students can enroll in individual summer non-credit courses or register for courses in a pre-designed curriculum and earn a non-credit certificate. Learn more.

For additional programs for visiting students click here.

Intro to Special Effects Makeup Student Work by Christopher Saccaro (L) and Rachel Swearingen (R)

Intro to Special Effects Makeup Student Work by Christopher Saccaro (L) and Rachel Swearingen (R)