What is collaboration? What are its possibilities?

Since 2015, the Tisch Collaboratory has been hosted by the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research and facilitated by leading New York City artists seasoned in collaboration. The program serves as a creative and collaborative laboratory designed to connect Tisch undergraduate students from across departments, and to introduce a variety of collaborative methods and practices. Collaboratory provides an extra-curricular, concentrated, focused environment for inter-disciplinary creation and experimentation. Collaboratory is non-credit bearing and free to matriculated Tisch undergraduate students.

Open to ALL Tisch undergraduate students, Collaboratory's past participants have come from the departments of Drama, Dramatic Writing, Dance, Film & TV, Recorded Music, and Photography and Imaging. 

The laboratory takes place over a two week period in early summer at Danspace Project, St. Mark’s Church (131 East 10th St.). Students are led through a workshop-style examination of the creative choices we make, don't make, and/or don't realize we're making. Students explore conscious and unconscious habits and other creative viruses. In 2015, collaboratory was facilitated by Ain and David Gordon and focused on perception versus taste when examining our work or the work of others. In 2016 and 2017, Maria Bauman facilitated conversations about gaining a more sophisticated understanding of what it means to work in communities. Conversations focused on each individual's experience and community and highlighted issues around artistic parachuting into communities.

Past facilitators and guests have included:

Ain Gordon
David Gordon
Maria Bauman
Edisa Weeks
Eiko Otake
Talibah Webster
Alicia Raquel
Kendra Ross
Aaron Landsman
Tomashi Jackson