Featured Projects

How can Tisch deepen its work as an incubator and laboratory for innovation and collaboration?

2014 - 2017

  • Global Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS)

    Tisch Working Groups: Critical Collaboration & Translucent Borders

    The Global Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS) is a nascent initiative at NYU that represents a significant University investment in research and scholarship. In 2015, faculty from Tisch School of the Arts submitted two separate requests for three-year GIAS Working Groups (described below) - and both were awarded full funding for activities launched in 2016.

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  • Conferences & Symposia

    By convening and hosting a range of events, we can support research and related activity here at Tisch while strengthening our institutional and individual connections across the University, throughout NYC and the region, nationally and internationally. We host a variety of conferences and symposia, lectures and panel presentations, research roundtables and working groups.

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  • Cross-Tisch

    The Interdepartmental Faculty Series

    Cross-Tisch is the interdepartmental faculty series designed to bring faculty from accross departments together to share their current research projects, get to know and understand one another's work, ask new questions and perhaps even forge new collaborations. Launched by University Professor Diana Taylor, Collegiate Professor Una Chaudhury, and the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research, the goal of Cross-Tisch was to provide opportunities for faculty to come together and share work in a social space. The series has rotating co-conveners who host and organize one to two events per semester, in partnership with the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research. Since it's inception, Cross-Tisch has evolved into inquiry-driven gatherings that create new connections and deepen existing research.

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  • Dean's Grants

    Dean's Grants, distributed in both the Fall and Spring semesters, are available to all full-time faculty. Amounts ranging from $500 to $6,000 are awarded for accepted proposals. Priority is given to projects that advance faculty research (particularly for faculty headed into review cycles), creative professional work, connections to curriculum, technology proposals and interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects. In 2019, The Tisch Initiative for Creative Research will begin featuring selected projects here. Please check back in January 2019 for more!

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  • Tisch Residencies and Guest Artists 2014-2016

    What new questions, ideas, and conversations begin to take shape when we invite artists, scholars, and practitioners like these into our midst?

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  • Collaboratory

    The Tisch Collaboratory was hosted each spring 2015 - 2017 by the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research and facilitated by leading New York City artists seasoned in collaboration. The program served as a creative and collaborative laboratory designed to connect Tisch undergraduate students from across departments, and to introduce a variety of collaborative methods and practices. Collaboratory provided an extra-curricular, concentrated, focused environment for inter-disciplinary creation and experimentation. Collaboratory was non-credit bearing and free to matriculated Tisch undergraduate students.

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