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March 10 and 11, 2017

How do I attend the Climate Action Conference at New York University?

  • You can buy tickets here
  • You can find out more information about tickets here

What should I do when I arrive?

  • First, collect your tickets at the Skirball Box Office and then pick-up a conference nametag from the table in the lobby.

What’s the deal with two different $5 tickets?

  • The two tickets cover two different components of the event: conference plenary and breakout sessions on Friday and Saturday, and a Saturday evening performance. Be sure to purchase TWO TICKETS if you want to attend the entire conference!
  • In addition to Skirball Box Office staff, there will be conference staff located in the lobby to assist you starting at 8:00am each day.

Where is New York University? 

  • Conference venues are located at NYU’s Washington Square campus in the heart of Greenwich Village!
  • And if you get lost moving between conference venues, LOOK FOR CHEERFUL STUDENTS IN GREEN BEANIES!

What’s the difference between Skirball and Stern locations?

  • Two venues allow us to accommodate the variety of conference sessions addressing a range of topics from green economy to the climate and public health. All but one of the conference plenary sessions will take place at Skirball and all of the breakout sessions will take place at Stern. Click here for more information on the conference program. 
  • You can read more about the NYU Skirball Center here

Can I record any of the sessions on my phone?

  • Out of respect for the presenters and fellow participants, please do not record sessions.
Is there a hashtag I should use for social media posts?
  • Hashtag us at: #nyuclimateaction

Will there be printed programs or information for me to carry around?

  • We are attempting to create a Zero-Waste event so the only distributed materials will be conference nametags which you should pick-up in the Skirball lobby after you collect your tickets.
  • Download full digital program schedule powered by Guidebook. Instructions can be found here.
  • If you do not have a smart phone you can view the schedule-at-a-glance on the Skirball Calendar page. Posters with times and locations will be displayed at conference venues.

Where should I eat lunch?

Are conference venues accessible?

  • Both venues are wheelchair accessible. For more information about Skirball accessibility: http://nyuskirball.org/page/visit
  • For other questions about accessibility, please call: 929.341.0419

What does non-partisan mean?

  • There is a lot of talk these days across the political spectrum about partisanship. The Climate Action Conference is an event NOT about political affiliation but rather the shared experience of all human beings living on earth at this moment when radical, disorienting and dangerous shifts in the patterns of the natural world are impacting daily life. We are looking to come together to build partnership to address this reality, not create divides.

I am a blogger or a member of the press. Who do I contact for more information?

  • Shonna Keogan, NYU Public Affairs, Arts

How can I get the most up to date information on my phone?

  • Keep checking our website for the latest information about the Climate Action Conference!
  • Digital program schedule is available for download powered by Guidebook. Click here for instuctions on how to download.

Will there be a livestream of this event?

  • There will not be a livestream however an edited program will be available in the weeks following the conference. Check tisch.nyu.edu for updates.