Research Opportunities for Faculty

Please continue to check back regularly for updates on opportunities!


  • Cross Tisch Kitchen

    Cross Tisch Kitchen

    Calling ALL FULL-TIME TISCH FACULTY! Join us for this new series of faculty-hosted and faculty-led, salon-style gatherings! Expect some brief introductions, a shuffling of the cards, some questions asked of you and asked by you, and some food and drink. Come prepared to engage and be engaged - Cross Tisch Kitchen is meant to be an active, participatory, NON-PRESENTATIONAL opportunity to get to know your fellow faculty.

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  • Research Working Group

    Research Working Group

    All full-time Tisch faculty are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Faculty Research Working Group - events designed to connect faculty across disciplines, departments and NYU units, as well as planning meetings focused on the "business" of advancing the Initiative's mission.

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  • Conference Fund

    C³ Fund: Convene · Collaborate · Contribute

    Applications due Monday, October 14, 2019

    Do you have an idea for bringing people together to think about, process, investigate, or interrogate some idea or question of interest to you? Tisch Initiative for Creative Research will award competitive funding for faculty-led research gatherings taking place here at Tisch. Eligible activities include conferences, symposia, roundtables and other events (imagined and designed by you!) which ADVANCE YOUR RESEARCH INTEREST.

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  • Research Clusters


    Applications due December 20, 2019 (Workshop Date: October 30, 2019)

    All full-time Tisch faculty are invited to submit proposals for this new research support strategy which aligns with the University's Mega Grants Initiative. Want to learn more? Come to the MEGA GRANTS WORKSHOP on 10/30 (6:30-8pm) in the Dean's Conference Room! (721 Broadway, 12th floor)

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  • Critical Response Process

    Critical Response Process Workshop

    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    Ever been on either side of this conversation and not known what to say next?

    ME: Did you like my piece/film/story/game/article?
    YOU: Um, well, I, um, kind of...maybe?
    ME: Oh.
    YOU: Yeah.

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  • Danspace Residency

    M·U·S·E Residency: New York, NY

    Applications due Monday, March 2, 2020 (Application Portal will open February 4)

    RESIDENCY DATES: JUN 1 - JUN 13 2019
    The M·U·S·E 2020 residency will support one applicant from each group: faculty, staff, undergraduate students, and graduate students. Current faculty, staff, and students at Tisch are eligible, and successful applicants must be available and present for all residency time for which they are assigned. A total of up to 12 hours of residency time will be shared among approximately 4 artists (or groups of artists).

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  • Catwalk Residency

    Catwalk Residency: Catskill, NY

    The Application Portal for 2020 will open later this Fall. Please check back in October!

    Tisch staff applying for Catwalk Residency must have an MFA (from any institution) to be eligible. Residency requests must be for two to four-week residencies. Collaborative teams are welcome!

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  • Dean's Grants

    Dean's Grants

    This grant, distributed in both the Fall and Spring semesters, is available to all full-time faculty. Amounts ranging from $500 to $6,000 will be awarded for accepted proposals. No more than one request will be approved per academic year. Priority will be given to projects that advance faculty research (particularly for faculty headed into review cycles), creative professional work, connections to curriculum, technology proposals and interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects.

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