Catwalk Residency 2019

APR 30 - NOV 3, 2019
DUE JAN 25, 2019 (BY 11:59PM)

In Spring 2015, the Tisch Initiative for Creative Research launched a partnership with Catwalk Institute, offering residency opportunities for alumni, faculty, and staff. Catwalk provides a unique, low-tech environment for artists and scholars from the Tisch community to write, reflect, and create on Catwalk’s 70-acre property in Catskill, NY. Residents stay at the property in private living spaces with separate work spaces available for use across the property. Full use of the grounds is encouraged along with exploration of the Catskill and Hudson area. Projects that are collaborative and/or connect specifically to the region are especially appropriate for selection. While there are no traditional performance spaces or movement studios, site-specific performance works are encouraged.

Applications for Summer Residencies will be due by 11:59pm on January 25, 2019.



  • Applicants must have a graduate degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts OR be on faculty at NYU Tisch School of the Arts

  • Tisch staff with an MFA from any institution are encouraged to apply

  • Requests must be for a minimum of two weeks

  • Collaborative teams are welcome and encouraged

Application Requirements: 

  • Cover letter with date preferences (Tuesday-Sunday)
  • One letter of reference
  • Resume for each team member
  • One page description of the work you are proposing while in residence.  Please include:
         - Where you are in process
         - What you hope to achieve during your residency 
         - How being in residence in the Catskills relates to your project/process
         - Whether the work you're proposing would be well-served by some kind of public component - a reading, a demonstration or roundtable discussion, an informal/studio presentation, etc. Although we cannot provide full production opportunities at this time, it will be helpful for the committee (and for Catwalk) to know whether and what kind of public engagement would help your process. 

Selection Process*:

  • A panel of Tisch faculty and staff will review and nominate approximately 15 proposals to be considered by Catwalk staff
  • Catwalk staff will review nominated applications and contact artists directly with decisions

*Selection process and criteria developed by Tisch Initiave for Creative Research in partnership with Catwalk Institute.

Please send materials to with subject line: CATWALK APPLICATION 2019

Questions? Please contact and use subject line: Catwalk Question 2019

Past Recipients:
Nikko Benson, musical theater
Kiera Bono, performance
Joey Contreras, musical performance
Robert Gonyo, theater
Richard Hanson, musical theater
Emily Gardner Xu Hall, musical theater
Peter Hodgson, musical theater
Edison Hong, musical theater
Allison Kaufman, audio/video
Hansol Kim, musical theater
Laura Kravitz, dance
Chae Lee, musical theater
Yoonmi Lee, musical theater
Chang Liu, visual arts
Victoria Mack, theater
Jessica Mantell, performance
Divya Maus, musical theater
Ariel Mitchell, musical theater
Steven Pestana, art history
Ethan Philbrick, performance
Emily Roller, musical theater
Julia Ross, theater
Aaron Sherwood, visual arts
Jill Sigman, performance
Emily Simons, musical theater
Kate Thomas, musical theater
Indah Walsh, dance
Kathleen Wrinn, musical theater
Berit Ahlgren, dance
Tati Barrantes, film
Maggie-Kate Coleman, musical theatre
Christine Doempke, performance
Ty Defoe, musical theatre
Dewey Fleszar, musical theatre
Erato A Kremmyda, musical theatre
Chanelle Pearson, film
Tidtaya Sinutoke, musical theatre
Jeff Stark, visual arts
John Douglas Weidner, theatre

Past Reviewers:
Andy Teirstein, Dance
Rosemary Quinn, Drama
Cusi Cram, Dramatic Writing
Harry Winer, Undergraduate Film & TB
Clara Fernandez-Vara, Tisch Game Center
Randall Eng, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing
Scott Miller, Graduate Acting
Scott Illingworth, Graduate Acting
Pam Pietro, Dance
Caitlin Berrigan, Photo and Imaging
Dana Whitco, Tisch Initiative for Creative Research