COVID-19 Artist Resources

We recognize there is a lot of anxiety and fear arising during this unprecedented time in which our community, government, and public health officials are taking aggressive steps to decrease exposure to COVID-19. While the need for social distancing to help increase our healthcare system’s capacity is clear, the burden it places on students, artists, and researchers is a very real concern. As a community of innovators and creators, we are used to rallying together to help each other find solutions and new ways of doing. Moving forward, our office will continue to support TCR-funded projects to the best of our ability.

Below is a list of artist resources available to provide help during this trying time. Keep an eye on this list as well as our social media for updates as more resources become available.

  • NYU COVID-19 Emergency Aid

    Undergraduate Students in Residence Halls

    Undergraduate students living in residence halls who have been asked to leave, and are faced with unanticipated financial challenges should complete this form to apply for emergency aid.

  • Creative Capital

    List of Arts Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Creative Capital has been advising, funding, and supporting artists for over 20 years. They’ve assembled a list of grants, funds, and tutorials to help artists through this time.

  • Freelance Artist Resources

    Here you’ll find an aggregated list of resources assembled by and for the freelance artist community. It includes funding opportunities, temporary remote job opportunities, international resources, and general preparedness tips.

  • Creative Enabler

    Resource Mega List

    This list includes resources for creatives, freelance artists, and small business. It includes location specific initiatives.

  • Arts Administrators of Color Network

    Arts Leaders of Color Emergency Fund

    This application is for BIPOC artists or arts administrators who have been financially impacted due to COVID-19. At this time, the emergency fund is only for arts leaders of color based in the United States. You can also donate to this fund here.

  • Americans for the Arts

    Resource and Response Center

    Americans for the Arts assembled a collection of articles, webinars, and funding links. You’ll also find a link to an impact survey that will collate data to help gauge the economic impact this crisis is having on the arts community.

  • New York Foundation for the Arts

    Emergency Resources

    NYFA's Emergency Resources Directory is a centralized source of information for artists throughout the United States and its territories. Artists who experience personal hardship or who are impacted by a large-scale disaster, or who need funding for a last-minute opportunity can find critical resources here.

  • Artists Thr!ve

    COVID-19 Resources

    Artists Thr!ve has put together a compilation of resources, tools and opportunities to provide artists and those who work with artists support to be able to thrive in the wake of these challenging circumstances.

  • Actors Fund

    Social Services and Financial Assistance

    The Actors Fund is a national human services organization for the entire entertainment community. They provide a variety of services including emergency financial assistance, disability, health care and insurance counseling.

Additionally, we understand that many students and artists subsidize their income in industries that may also be affected by the measures being put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are some general resources that may be of assistance.