Definition of "Artifact"

For Tisch Faculty, Students, and Staff

Research is often a non-linear, messy, confounding and inspiring process. The questions driving us are often only answered by more questions. Some research outcomes are refined to become a "finished" work, and others will be discarded or set aside to be re-examined with a different lens. This is a space to document the messiness, the unanswered questions and the unexpected findings.

This is an experiment. We are testing whether the Tisch community would like to participate in an online space dedicated to the messy, incomplete, unanswered questions of process. We invite you to share your research artifacts (in any medium). Maybe conversation or even collaborations will result? Maybe you'll inspire yourself or someone you'll never meet? Let's see what happens!


Tisch Faculty, Students, and Staff create compelling, provocative, engaging material every day. These are not finished projects but artifacts in all media of individual and collaborative investigations.