Profunds Budget Information

To apply for ProFunds, fill out the ProFunds application and a budget request form (see sample below).

The budget request form must be emailed to Todd Pettiford, Director of Student Affairs at by Monday, November 25, 2019 in order to be considered for the grant.  

Please use this sample for your budget request.

Budget Information

Please read through all policies and procedures regarding budgets for grant requests.

  1. Budgets must include ALL expected expenses for production.
  2. Budgets must include certification of approval (or pending approval) and contact information for equipment, location and spaces required for the production.


  3. Budgets must conform to the template shown on this website and must include:

    • Overall Anticipated Expenses
    • Anticipated Revenue
    • Itemized Expenses where pricing has already been researched  i.e.: printing, marketing, props
  4. If there are additional funds being allocated to the project outside of Profunds,  the budget will need to reflect which expenses will be covered by Profunds and which expenses will be covered by alternate funding.
  5. Projects intending to charge an admissions fee must contact Caroline Wolfe Papocchia before submitting their proposal to discuss how this money will be used.  TUSC reserves the right to monitor the disbursement of collected funds if necessary.
  6. Profunds will provide funds for the creation of the project only (equipment, space, etc.) and not for service fees, personnel or other such expenses.
  7. All projects MUST attend a budget training session before being approved to use funds from Profunds 

Reimbursement and Payment Steps

1.  Your organization spends money ($) and submits paperwork and receipts to be reimbursed.

a.  In order to receive cash back immediately from Accounts Payable, receipts cannot total over $150.

b.  If amount is over $150, reimbursement is in the form of a check from Accounts Payable. Checks take roughly 2 weeks to be delivered.

c.  If you use a credit card or debit card you must submit the original receipt along with proof of payment through a printed version of your online statement with the charge highlighted. You can black out other transactions if you wish to keep them private.

2.  Submitting receipts and paperwork correctly.

a.  All receipts need to be submitted with an EXP2000S form.  Please schedule a time with Caroline Papocchia for your first reimbursement submission.

b.  EXP2000S forms and receipts are submitted to Caroline Wolfe Papocchia, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, by turning the paperwork in at the front desk to await signature.

c.  If the amount is $150 or under, signed forms and receipts can be picked up from Caroline and taken directly to the Bursar (383 Lafayette Street)  for reimbursement.

d.  If the amount is over $150, signed forms and receipts will be submitted to Accounts Payable directly by Caroline. Accounts payable will mail the reimbursement check to the address supplied on the EXP2000S form by the organization.

e.  Receipts accompanying the EXP2000S form should be taped, NOT stapled, to a white blank piece of paper. If including online statements, do not staple together, paperclip instead. We have supplies here for your use.

f. Fill out entire EXP2000S form EXCEPT for section 9. Caroline will complete section 9 for you.


a.  Staples. NYU Accounts Payable will not reimburse purchases made at any Staples store.


a.  When paying individuals for services performed, the individual cannot be a current NYU student who has an on-campus job.

b.  Similarly, if the individual has been paid by NYU this academic year (September – May), the individual cannot be reimbursed. This includes all faculty and staff.

c.  Individuals rendering services must submit an invoice with their name, address, social security number, phone no., invoice #, date, type of work performed, and total cost included.

d.  A current NYU student who is not accepting a paycheck in any way during the academic year from NYU can also be reimbursed without hindrance.

e.  Similarly, if an individual is non-NYU affiliated but has not received any compensation from NYU during the current academic year, they can also be employed without hindrance.


Deadlines:  All projects must be completed and receipts turned in by April 24, 2019.  

Samples & Forms

Please use this sample reimbursement form when filling out your purchase reimbursements.


Please use this form for reimbursements.  Once you fill this form out please remember to attach receipts (taped on all 4 sides to printer paper), a copy of credit card or bank statement to show purchase went through and submit to the Office of Student Affairs.