Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your life at Tisch?  We’re here to help.

Whether you’re in an incoming freshman or transfer or putting the final touches on your senior project, you’re bound to have some questions about your academic life at Tisch.  Here are the answers to some of the most common questions our students ask.

Admitted and Incoming Students


What will happen with my AP credits at Tisch?

We award 4 points for any 4 or 5 received on an AP exam in most subject areas.  A maximum of 8 credits can be applied in General Education.  Any remaining credits will be allocated to electives.  You can earn a maximum of 32 points.

Can I pursue a double major?

Tisch students can pursue a second major in the College of Arts and Science. We highly recommend that you wait until your sophomore year to discuss this with an advisor.

I’m excited to register! Do I need to meet with an advisor first?

No, you will receive an email and postcard with a link to the the Registration Handbook towards the end of May that will list what you are required to take and explain the registration process. Starting in the fall, you will meet with your faculty advisor at the end of every semester to discuss registration for the following term.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

US citizens and permanent residents applying as freshmen complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.  International students applying as freshmen and transfers complete only the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. US citizens and permanent residents applying as transfers complete only the FAFSA.

Can I sit in on a class?

Because of the participatory and creative nature of many courses at Tisch, most departments do not permit prospective students to sit in on classes; those that do include Cinema Studies, Dance, and Performance Studies.  Arrangements must be made on an individual basis with each department.

Current Undergraduate Students


How do I declare a Double Major in an area outside of Tisch (e.g., Drama and Philosophy)?

To double major in Philosophy (or in any department where there is an approved second major), you must first discuss the requirements of the major with the chair or director of undergraduate studies of that department. You must then fill out the double major/minor form (available in your major (Tisch) department). After an advisor from the second department completes the appropriate section of the form, the form is then submitted to the home department for approval. Once approved, the second major is recorded on the official transcript.

When do I register for classes?

Registration is typically in November for the spring term and in April for the fall term.  Registration advising begins a month in advance of the registration period.  You will receive notifications regarding registration advising appointments from your department.

How do I declare a minor?

Please complete the online cross-school minor form.  Your home school and the minor department will be notified about your request to declare the minor.  Once approved, your home school (Tisch) will post the minor on your record.

How do I transfer into Tisch from another division of NYU?

If you are a student from another division of NYU (e.g., CAS, GSP, Stern, Gallatin, Steinhardt), you may complete the online internal transfer application (link to forms landing page).  Please note that some departments have portfolio requirements that must go directly to the department. Visit the department's webpage for more about portfolio requirements.  Students must be enrolled in the division to which they were originally admitted for one full year before they may transfer to another division.

How do I change majors within Tisch?

You can pick up a Tisch internal transfer application form at the front desk in the Office of Student Affairs, 726 Broadway, 2nd floor, or you can download the form here. Students must be enrolled in the department to which they were originally admitted for one full year before they may transfer to another department.

I need to take time off from school. How do I do that?

You should speak to your advisor or an administrator in your department about taking a leave of absence. If you are seeking a leave of absence for medical reasons, you must also meet with Jodi Bailey, director of students affairs, in the Office of Student Affairs. You can call her for an appointment at 212-998-1593.

Graduate Applicants

What are the Graduate Application deadlines?

DECEMBER 1:   Film, Dramatic Writing, Interactive Telecommunications- ITP, Cinema Studies (M.A. & Ph.D.), Game Design, Moving Image Archiving & Preservation- MIAP, Dual Degree in Film Producing, Performance Studies (M.A. & Ph.D.)

JANUARY 1:   Acting, Dance, Design, Arts Politics

FEBRUARY 1:   Musical Theatre Writing

Can I sit in on a class?

Many departments allow students to informally audit a class.  Arrangements must be made with the Department directly.

Can I study part time?

Under special circumstances, Cinema Studies MA students may attend part-time. All other Tisch programs are full-time only.