Charlie Redd

BFA, Film & TV, 2014
New York, NY

What are you currently doing?
I work as the script & web coordinator for HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. As the script coordinator, I keep track of script changes and distribute scripts. As the web coordinator, I help create silly content for social media, write copy for YouTube and Facebook, and pitch ideas and jokes for web exclusive videos. I was hired as a production assistant for the first season of Last Week Tonight and, after a year, I was offered my current position helping our web producer and script supervisor.

What aspects of your education, including internships and/or student projects, helped you get this?
A couple months before starting at HBO, I was working as an NBC intern at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I observed the hectic daily grind — busy assistants, tight deadlines, tired writers — of a late night comedy show where goofiness is serious business. I learned how the show operates; how a small army of producers and designers, comedians and technicians, pull an hour of television together every night. That understanding was valuable in job interviews.

My classes at Tisch taught me how to think creatively on a deadline. Coming up with ideas when you feel like it is fun. But coming up with ideas whether or not you feel like it is a skill that takes practice. I feel extremely lucky that I get to practice at work.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to accomplish this same achievement?
Don't be afraid to reach out to someone who’s in a position to help. It's important to create a network of contacts and stay in touch. I keep a list of people doing the type of work I like to do and I make a point of writing to them regularly.