Quick Career Answers for IPA

Got career questions? TOCD is doing a virtual pop-up for all majors within the Institute of Performing Arts on Thursday, November 5th! If you’re in Drama, Performance Studies, Dance, Collaborative Arts, Arts & Public Policy, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing, Grad Acting, or Grad Design, this is a great way to get quick answers about performing arts career paths, tips on your internship/job search, or get feedback on both your performer and work resumes. These consultations are first-come, first-served and limited to 10 minutes if other people are in the queue. Here’s how it works:

Ten minutes before this virtual pop-up begins, the registration form will open for sign-ups. To get on the queue, please do the following:

*Phone - Fill out the form at bit.ly/TOCDVirtualPopUp. When it is your turn, a TOCD staff member will initiate the phone call at the number you've provided.

*Video/Zoom - Fill out the form at bit.ly/TOCDVirtualPopUp. A TOCD staff member will gChat or email you with a link to a Zoom session. Please click on the link after receiving it and wait until the TOCD staff member joins your session.

If you’re seeking cover letter/resume feedback and are requesting a phone/video consultation, the form includes a section where you can share your Google Doc links. 

Once you've requested a consultation, please remain available during this session time. If you sign up and do not respond when the TOCD staff member contacts you for your turn, you will lose your spot and they will move on to the next person in the queue. If that happens, you will be emailed an instruction to get back in the queue by filling out the Pop-Up form again. 

All drop-in consultations will be limited to 10 minutes if other people are waiting in the queue but if you feel like you need more time, you can jump back into the queue by filling out the registration form again.

Please be aware that the registration form may close prior to the end of the virtual pop-up session. If this occurs, it’s because the list is full. However, you can always get a consultation during TOCD’s regular Drop-in hours, which are Tuesdays 7-:8:30pm and Wednesdays 2:30-4pm ET.

This event is for current students only.

This event is presented by the Tisch Office of Career Development. To learn more about TOCD's services, go to www.nyu.edu/tisch/career.