The RJAF Experience

What's the value of a Richie Jackson Artist Fellowship? Here's what past Fellows have said!


"Out of this experience, I got the confidence of knowing what I am capable of. I've expanded in ways I didn't expect. I now want to write more and produce more. I want to create opportunities to empower my community through the creation of art we believe in. I've gained invaluable leadership and collaboration skills. I've also brought a play and other artistic elements to fruition so now I have a credit to add to my resume!"

"This fellowship has truly been a remarkable occurrence in my life. It came at a time of great uncertainty and turned that into confidence towards the future.  I feel like I’m in a drastically better place now than I was six months ago, both in my career and art.  And I know that is due to this fellowship and having been supported and encouraged by Richie."

Industry Insight:

"Richie has a more entrepreneurial understanding of life in the arts and his experience in TV and in various parts of the theater industry provided insight into the business from a fresh angle. I loved hearing about how TV production works. I loved sitting in a group of fellows from all different parts of Tisch and hearing how their sides of the business works."

"All the topics I could think of were covered either by one on one convos or at the group lunches. I felt like I could talk about managers, casting directors, whether to stay in NY or not, and other topics were addressed. Richie was very good about not limiting what we can talk about. He presented himself as having an open ear to our needs. I was able to gain a strategy for approaching casting directors and what steps to take in producing my play. I felt all the topics I needed to be addressed were addressed."

"Richie has combined both the art and the business in a way that has clarified how I will go forth in my career and keep my vision while also having the possibility for a successful career."


"I think there's a high likelihood that I will stay in connection with this year's mentees. We are all at the same point in our budding careers and now that I know them I know that I have a resource in them. Not only are they a resource but they are also fellow travelers on this road to a career in the arts. It was always very heartening to see them and see where they are and how far they've progressed and it made me feel as if I wasn't alone in the struggle to establish myself in this industry."