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NYU in LA Mentor Program Application

Heading west? Newly arrived to Los Angeles and looking for some advice on your career and networking?  

The Tisch Offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations are proud to present The NYU in L.A. Mentor Program. This annual program begins in September and runs until late May. Applications are accepted once a year, in mid-June/early July.

This mentorship program is designed for recent Tisch graduates who are new to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in the arts.  

Participants (mentees) will be paired with L.A.-based mentors in a small group of Tisch peers to begin their personal and professional transition to the West Coast. These groups are designed to facilitate conversation about experiences adjusting to L.A. Each group will work together to get you settled, offering advice and guidance as you seek out your goals in Hollywood.

Topics include:

  • Setting and assessing short- and long-term career goals
  • Logistics (e.g. arrival to L.A., apartment hunting, car shopping) 
  • Acclimating to the world of work (e.g., job hunting, interviewing)
  • Local lifestyle

This is not an internship or job placement program. Each mentee will be expected to work actively with their mentor and fellow mentees toward their specific professional and personal goals. 


  • This program is open to new/recent alumni only. Alumni eligible for this program must have graduated from Tisch within the past three years.
  • Applicants should be new to L.A. or have been in L.A. less than one year. Applicants do not have to be residing in L.A. at the time of application but they must be living there by the start of the program in September to be eligible to participate.
  • Program is limited to 40 mentees. 
  • This annual program runs for eight months (September-May). Applicants must be in L.A. to attend the mandatory opening event in September.
  • This program is best suited to alumni pursuing careers in Drama, Film & TV, and Dramatic Writing, but all are welcome to apply.
  • Participation in this program is limited to one time per person.
For more info about the program, click here.


  1. Essays
  2. Resume
  3. Website or Creative Portfolio

Applications are accepted once a year, in mid-June/early July. Announcements regarding the exact dates for the start and end of submissions are announced on this webpage, on Tisch College Central, and via email.

To be considered for the NYU in LA Mentor Program, applicants must submit essay answers via a link that appears at the bottom of this webpage during the application period. (If you do not see an application link at the bottom of this page, it means that submissions are not currently being accepted.) Applicants must also submit a resume and links to their website or creative portfolio.



1: Please describe your career goals and reasons for moving to L.A. 
2: In what ways do you believe the mentor program will assist you in your transition?
3: Are you planning to do any continuing education in L.A. (e.g. graduate school, acting classes, etc.)? If so, please provide details.
4. This program requires that you work with your group of mentees and mentors. Please describe how you could contribute to group mentorship, share advice, support your peers, and collaborate with them.


Please note that your NYU in LA application will not be judged on the artistic merit of your creative portfolio or website content. These materials will merely be used to assess your preparedness for your career path, including your readiness to share creative samples with industry members.


  • Please be aware that you may need to have an active Tisch College Central alumni account as part of the application process. If you do not have a Tisch College Central account, registration information can be found at here. Registration approvals may take up to two business days so please factor in that time when considering the application deadline.
  • I don’t have a website so I’ll be making a creative portfolio on Tisch College Central. What should this contain? 
    Your creative portfolio materials should showcase who you are as an artist. Depending on your creative practice, it can be your reel or links to your Vimeo or YouTube channel, a list of your writing credits and their loglines, script samples, your headshot, production stills, music samples or links to your Soundcloud page, or image samples. For info on how to create a Creative Portfolio in your Tisch College Central account, click here.
  • If you don’t have a pre-existing website or online portfolio, be aware that it may take time to create one. Don’t wait until the last minute to create one – build yours with plenty of time before the application deadline!
  • Applications will not be considered complete until you’ve submitted your application form and emailed your resume (and links to your Tisch College Central creative portfolio, if you do not have a website) to tisch.career@nyu.edu. All of these materials must be submitted before the deadline in order for your application to be considered complete.
  • Due to the competitive nature of the program, late or incomplete applications are not considered. No exceptions will be made, especially if they’re caused by delays in your College Central account approval, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply!


  1. Applicants must submit essay answers through a link that will appear at the bottom of this webpage during the application period. (If you do not see the application link at the bottom of this page, it means that the submission cycle is not currently open.)
  2. Email your resume to tisch.career@nyu.edu with the subject line "NYU in LA Mentor Program Application."
  3. If you DO NOT list a website in your application form, please add a creative portfolio to your Tisch College Central account. For info on how to create a portfolio, click here. Please note that you can use any of the available portfolio templates.
  4. Once you’ve submitted your essay answers, resume, and website/portfolio link, you’ll receive an application acknowledgment within 5 business days.


  • Applicants for each program cycle are notified of acceptance to the program in early August.
  • Once accepted, your mentee spot is contingent on official confirmation of your acceptance.
  • All accepted applicants will be required to complete a Mentor Action Plan and Objectives Worksheet from the Tisch Office of Career Development in August prior to the start of the program, as well as a final evaluation in May to assess this program.
  • Mentees will be placed into groups based on career interests and assembled by the mentors after the program's opening event in September.
  • Mentors and mentees meet once a month in a convenient L.A. location.
  • Attendance at all meetings is required. Monthly event dates will be determined based on group availability.
  • There are no fees for mentees. Any required event is at no cost to mentees, which is made possible through funding by The Tisch Offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations and private donations.
  • Housing is not provided for mentees.


  • Our mentors are NYU graduates based in L.A. with many years of combined industry experience.
  • Mentors are volunteers, with free advice who know the ropes and understand what it's like to be a new grad in L.A.! They have considerable knowledge of the L.A. arts landscape.
We hope that you will join us in this program which will help you settle in and meet your West Coast-based Tisch family.


Applications for the 2017-2018 NYU in LA Mentor Program are now closed. All applicants will be notified of their status by July 18, 2017.