Screenwriting Certificate

The summer non-credit certificates from the Rita and Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing introduce you to all aspects of writing: playwriting, screenwriting, and television writing. A certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the four required courses within one year or two successive summers.

Students must complete Screenwriting I and Screenwriting II, plus any two additional summer dramatic writing courses from the list below to earn this certificate.

Please note: You must enroll in the non-credit (NCRD-UT) sections of the courses below to earn the non-credit certificate. Credit-bearing courses do not count toward the non-credit certificate.


Required Courses

The following two courses must be completed in order to earn the Screenwriting Certificate:

Screenwriting I

NCRD-UT 8003

Do you want to learn how to write a movie? This introductory screenwriting course will teach you the basics. Students in this class will learn the fundamental components of screenwriting by studying produced movies and by writing their own. Students are required to write a short silent film, a ten minute short film and a 20-30 minute short film, as well as a synopsis for a feature length film. All work will be developed and analyzed in an interactive workshop environment. The class is taught by a professional screenwriter.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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Screenwriting II

NCRD-UT 8004

Pre-requisite: Screenwriting I

This intermediate level screenwriting course picks up where Screenwriting I left off: the writing of feature length screenplays. The goal of the class is the completion of a first draft of an original feature length screenplay, after developing a pitch, a synopsis and an outline. The reading and analysis of six to eight screenplays is also required. Like Screenwriting I, this is an interactive workshop class taught by a professional screenwriter.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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Additional Courses

Additionally, choose two of the following four courses to complete your Screenwriting Certificate:

Playwriting I


A playwriting workshop required of all Dramatic Writing majors and designed for the beginning playwright. Students are required to complete 50-70 pages of a full-length stage play with an outline of the complete play. The first third of the course focuses on exercises to help students develop a story idea with the complexity and depth to sustain a full-length play. The reading and analysis of four to six dramatic texts is required in conjunction with the student’s original work. Students must come to the first class with two ideas for a full-length play. Each idea should be described in a one page summary.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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Intro to Writing the Half-Hour Comedy

NCRD-UT 8005

This intensive TV writing class answers the question, "What do I need to break into TV writing?" The student is guided through the step-by-step development of a spec episode for an ongoing half-hour TV show, from premise line to one-page outline, to pages and revisions. The course requires the completion of a polished draft while introducing students to the rigors of professional standards through weekly story goals. The course is taught by a professional television writer.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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Writing the One-Hour Television Drama

NCRD-UT 8008

Pre-requisite: Intro to Writing the Half-Hour Comedy

This intensive TV writing class focuses on what it takes to write a one-hour TV show. This course takes the student step by step through writing their own spec episode for an ongoing one-hour television series. The course will go from premise lines, through the outline, to writing a solid draft of the script. This is a high-level course that prepares students for the professional world.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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Sketch Comedy Writing

NCRD-UT 8012

This is a sketch writing workshop class. A survey of sketch genres and approaches will be integrated with writing assignments and rewriting of one's own sketches: both privately and collaboratively. The goal is for each student to emerge from the class with several polished sketches. For this class, it helps to have a good sense of humor that you want to get even better at putting down on the page.  There will be a lot of group critiquing and occasionally group rewriting.  So it helps to stop thinking that your first draft is perfect.  Because it isn't.  This can be a pretty wild class, so it also helps to never think that comedy can go "too far."  The course may have a guest lecturer.

Non-credit tuition: $3,135

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