Photography: On Location in Havana

Immerse yourself in Cuban culture while creating your own series of photographic essays.

Cuba is at a unique crossroads in its rich and turbulent history. In the summer program, offered in collaborations with the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, the Cuban National Institute of Film and Television (ICAIC), and the University of Havana, students will use the incredible street life of Havana, Cuba as a canvas to document the modern Cuban experience that most Westerners never get to see. This is a unique opportunity to interpret through photography the shifting cultural experience of Cuba.

“I‘m more interested in Cuban culture now than I was before; I have taken away from Cuba more of a desire to live in the moment and enjoy where I am. Cuba also helped me to realize where I want to go with my professional career.” - Erica Dobin

Program Overview

This program has been cancelled for summer 2018.

This intensive workshop gives students the opportunity to witness, record, and present a photographic essay of the Cuban experience, emphasizing the journey as well as the destination. During the program you will be exposed to Cuban arts and culture as well as the everyday life in a rich and complex society.


Students must take the following two courses for a total of 6 units.

Photography: On Location in Havana

IPHTI-UT 1050 | 4 units | Instructor: TBA

Photography is a dynamic medium that will bring you closer to the Cuban context as you will be exposed to different parts of the city and asked to capture part of the dynamics of the place, as well as your personal approach. The class will depend mainly on the use of digital media so the workflow is immediate, giving the student more time to focus on the work itself rather than production.

Students will have to discuss the works and ideas in the classroom. The class will have presentations from guest Cuban artists to offer their insights in the photography field as well as their personal approach to the arts. Museum and gallery visits will complement class time and will be discussed in the following session. 

Required Purchase: Students must bring their own DSLR digital camera to use during the program. 

Arts & Culture in Cuba


ISPEC-UT 961 | 2 units | Instructor: Ludwig Fundacion

This course provides a multifaceted understanding of Cuban history, culture, and arts from the period of Spanish colonialism, through the wars of independence and the Revolution, and into the “Special Period” of the 1990s following the collapse of the Soviet Union. It examines the many political and cultural transformations and, consequently, how the country’s artistic legacy manifests the spirit of an era through literature, photography, music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.

In addition to class discussions and readings, students interact with the country’s leading artists, writers, and performers. Students also attend lectures, performances, and exhibitions at the Ludwig Foundation, ICAIC, and the National Theatre of Cuba.


This program has been cancelled for summer 2018.


Prerequisites: Photography I or equivalent.

Please note: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months past the end of the program at the time of your application. There are no exceptions.

Application: Please read the following admissions information before starting your application.


  • Undergraduate summer 2018 tuition: $8,472
  • Registration and Services Fee: $814
  • Program Fee: $432
  • Lab Fee: $406
  • Geo Blue Global Health Insurance: $56.60
  • Housing, Double: $2,048
  • Flight to/from Havana from Miami: Approx. $850-$950

Visit the NYU Office of the Bursar for additional information on tuition and fees.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

There are opportunities for financial assistance to study abroad.

Please review the Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad page for more information.


You will be housed in the Vedado district of Havana in home-stays (casas particulares). Students are provided with breakfast and dinner at their casas.

  • Double bedroom
  • Breakfast and dinner included in program costs
  • Limited laundry facilities on-site
  • No internet available in residence, but will be available nearby at additional cost
  • Rooms furnished with linens and towels included
  • No overnight guests allowed