Day 14, Sonya Beroza

Thursday, Jun 14, 2018

Palazzo Pitti

View of Florence from the Palazzo Pitti by Sonya Beroza

Our first class of the day is with André. We begin by warming up individually, and then coming together to do 18 different tongue twisters. To look at vocal variation, he showed us three videos—the first, a speech given by Emma Watson to the UN, the second, a political speech by Glenda Jackson, and third, Jack Nicholson’s “You can’t handle the truth” speech from A Few Good Men—in order to identify ways we can work vocally on our text from Scapin. Everyone tries an exercise where we walk across the room, changing our voice and speech at specific points from fast to slow, staccato to legato, or even witch to cowboy.

Next is an exercise in storytelling. André hands us a paper with groupings of three unrelated words (for example: Cowboy, Jesus, Flood). We begin to tell stories, each person working their three words into the plot before handing the story over to the next person. 

Next, Jacob joined André to talk about the creation of the traditional Commedia masks and we worked with Jacob on the physicality of several characters. Several students try their hands at Zanni, the bird-like fool. 

After lunch, Joan takes us on an adventure to the Palazzo Pitti (for renaissance and mannerist art) and Museo di Storia Naturale (for every wax organ you can think of). 

- Sonya Beroza, Junior

Pontormo Painting

Jacopo da Pontormo at the Pitti Museum