Beau LaBranch

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018

In Class with André Baer

Beau LaBranch in class with André Baer at the Limonaia

Today was a long one, twelve and a half hours. I’m exhausted, but it was such a great day! The day started with a music rehearsal with Giselle for our upcoming performance at The Season’s Gala Dinner, where we will be singing for our supper. 

Then we had class with Jim. Highlights include:

*Warming up our knees (as always)

*Hitting tables with yoga mats

*Ripping off each other’s ears

*General confusion (as always)

Next, playwright Naomi Lorrain, brought in new scenes from the play she is writing and we worked on doing cold readings with those scenes.

We dove back into mask work in in Jacob’s class. Highlights include:

*Walking like chickens

*Pretending to be little girls

*Being encouraged to keep our mouths open for once.

Then we went over to Villa Colleta and continued to work on creating our own Commedia masks from scratch! We are shaping the mold of the mask out of clay and eventually we are going to apply paper mache to the molds, but for now I’m just focused on salvaging my mold (there’s a reason I’m not at RISD).

Then in the evening e made a trek to the Limonaia for class with André where we did Grotowski work. Highlights include:

*Being predators and pray

*Stepping over slugs

*Being balls in a McDonald’s play place.

*Sweating a lot

Long hours but a lot of great work and a lot of great people! Can’t wait to get up at nine tomorrow and do it all again!