Adaptation in Shanghai

Craft your story from a global perspective.

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Program Overview

Immerse yourself in the various theories of film adaptation. Learn to identify fertile source material (news stories, novels, short fiction, plays, myths and fairytales) and to critically analyze its adaptability. Walk away with a completed outline for a feature-length adaptation and the first draft of Act One.

Complement your studies by enrolling in Interactive Media Arts (IMA) classes or other general studies courses at NYU Shanghai.



Students will take the following 4-unit course plus companion courses through NYU Shanghai to complete the 12-18 unit program. 


IFMTV-UT 1152​ | 4 units | Instructor: Katherine Lindberg

This course is a vigorous workshop devoted to the craft of adaptation and the development of feature-length screenplays from works of fiction and non-fiction. We will examine issues of rights acquisitions. Classic and contemporary theories of adaptation will also be considered.

Please note: As the class will be conducted on NYU’s Shanghai Campus, Case Studies will draw heavily from Chinese Adaptations, however, the lessons learned and skills acquired will be global and universal in nature, benefitting all writers engaging in the process of adaptation. For their own adapted work, students may source material from any region and are encouraged to think broadly about what material is suitable for adaptation.

Courses Offered at NYU Shanghai

Choose courses in a variety of disciplines to complete your full-time, 12-18 unit semester.

Select IMA courses* are recommended for this program:

Augmented Reality Storytelling
Creating Immersive Worlds
Interactive Documentaries
Interactive Storytelling

*These are sample IMA courses only. Course schedules and availability vary from semester to semester. Please visit the NYU Shanghai website for a full list of courses available.

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Program Dates

Fall 2021 dates to be announced.



Tisch Film & Television majors: Storytelling Strategies (FMTV-UT 20)
NYU and visiting students: College level introductory experience in Screenwriting


Application dates for Fall 2021 to be announced.



  • Academic Year* Full-time Tuition, 12-18 unit flat rate per term: $27,964

Additional Fees Include:

  • Nonrefundable Registration and Services Fee: $1,312*
  • Housing: Visit the NYU Shanghai website for housing options and costs.

*Estimated from 2019-2020 tuition rates. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

There are opportunities for financial assistance to study abroad.

Please review the Scholarships and Financial Aid for Study Abroad page for more information.


Visit the NYU Shanghai website for housing options and descriptions.