Taking a 'Journey' Through Film

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sercan Sezgin knew from his first year at NYU that he would be going on a journey with Chitra Neogy, who is part of the faculty in Tisch Open Arts and the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television. This past spring semester he took her course Film as a Transformative Process: A Vision Beyond Technology and was so moved by it that he produced a film using stills from some of the films shown in 'Transformative.' Here's what Sercan had to say about Chitra and the course:
I met Chitra my first year at NYU. I knew from that moment on that I would take whatever class she was teaching. I also knew from the very first moment of Film Transformative, that we would be taking a journey. As her own film hints, it was to be "A Journey within a Journey," one that would be fueled by powerful films that seep through our entire body and moves every one of us differently, forcing us to express our most precious, otherwise hidden and neglected emotions. Even when we were out of the class, we were part of this incessant flux, looking, noticing, doing. We were letting the inner child free.