Tisch Summer Online High School Dance

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Tisch Summer High School Residential Program will not be taking place in New York City. The courses in this program will be offered remotely or online with asynchronous and synchronous components. Below is the updated program information. Students accepted to this program will also receive communication via email.

The Department of Dance at Tisch School of the Arts strives to prepare young artists for a life in dance.

Tisch Dance Summer High School reflects our intense focus on technical training, choreography, and performance within an environment that cultivates critical thought, creative process, and the highest standard of physical self-expression.


Program Overview

In addition to rigorous technical practice, students create new dance compositions and learn existing repertory from established New York City-based dance artists. We also provide opportunities to explore newer areas of dance research, including kinesiology and dance science, and the role of new technology in dance creation. Students share their own compositions with faculty in weekly showings; the program culminates in a final studio showing for faculty, family and friends. See dance videos from summer 2020.

Core Curriculum

Students take the following courses for a combined total of 6 units.


DANC-UT 1403 | 4 units


Dance Studio Practice is designed to develop a rigorous, creative physical practice in preparation for college-level pre-professional dance training. This four-week course consists of three components: Improvisation, Master Classes in contemporary styles, and Repertory. Our comprehensive, organic approach to dance encourages students to develop versatility of style and an expressive individual voice. Students will explore tools for movement invention and exploration. Through physical games, written exercises, and group discussion this course will inspire students to approach rigorous dance with a sense of play and curiosity. Throughout the Repertory component students will learn and refine professional-level dance works to be shared in the Final Showing.

Course Goals

Improvisation: explore and expand the creative, dynamic potential of the body; experiment with sound, text, sensation, narrative and imagination as ways of embodying movement.

Master Classes: study with experts of professional contemporary dance in a range of styles; receive focused instruction from masters of the field.

Repertory: learn and co-create new dance works with experienced contemporary choreographers; refine style and performance qualities in solo and/or group works.

Creative Research in Dance

DANC-UT 1404 | 2 units


Creative Research in Dance is designed to introduce students to college-level pre-professional practice in dance theory and choreography with an emphasis on technologies for online and filmed dance. This four-week course consists of two components: Dance for Camera and Theory/Composition. Course work focuses on the development of new choreography through creative generation of movement phrases and an exploration of spatial and temporal aspects of dance composition. Students will create short films and choreographies to be shared weekly for constructive critical feedback.

Course Goals

Dance for Camera: Develop abilities to operate smartphone visual and audio equipment for capturing movement; write scripts, treatments, and synopses; Become proficient in post-production editing software.

Theory/Composition: Contextualize contemporary dance choreography within a historical framework; explore methods of creating new dance; document and present personal choreographies for solo and group performance.

Remote Format for Studio Training

The Department of Undergraduate Dance has adapted its curriculum in order to deliver the exceptional training via the online format. Students will interact with master teachers who are also working professionals.

Students will engage in studio training over Zoom. Below is an overview of the technical requirements and a tentative weekly schedule.


Students must use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, microphone, and audio capability. Students should also have access to a smartphone or other digital recording device to record and upload video.

Proposed Weekly Schedule

Sample Schedule for Summer High School Dance Program

Classes take place Monday to Friday, from about 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

This sample schedule is based on previous summers to give prospective students an understanding of the highly structured and rigorous training offered in the Tisch Summer High School Dance Program. This sample schedule is an overview of one of the four weeks in the program. Students accepted and confirmed for the program will be given their actual schedule on orientation day.

  Mon/Wed Tues/Thur Friday
1:00-2:30 Improv/Master Class Improv/Master Class  
2:30-4:00 Dance for Camera Dance for Camera Master Class
5:00-8:00 Theory/
Repertory Theory/


Program Dates

Summer 2021

Sunday, July 11 - Saturday, August 7, 2021

Additional important dates are available on the Tisch Admissions Calendar.

Tuition and Fees

Total Estimated Program Cost: $10,084

Breakdown of costs:

  • Tuition for 6 units (credits): $9,222

Additional Fees Include:

  • Registration and Services Fee: $862

Please review the Tisch Special Programs cancellation policy.


Summer 2021

Open to high school sophomores and juniors.

  • Online application fee: $75

The summer 2021 application is closed. 

Please read through the Admissions for High School Program page.