Tisch Summer High School Program Policies

We want students to experience what it means to study at a college-level conservatory program. This also means students must learn to manage their time and balance their school work with required events and free time.

The Tisch Policies listed below are integral in supporting the academic mission of the Summer High School Program. Students should review and adhere to the policies listed below and understand that they may be dismissed if any of these policies are broken. Students are also responsible for any additional policies outlined in materials sent directly from their program’s department or New York University’s Residential Life and Housing.

For in-person programs, see below:

1. Attendance and Punctuality: Students are required to attend all classes and curriculum-based events. Students are expected to get themselves to and from class each day. Tardiness is not permitted. Students will be accompanied for curriculum-based events that take place outside of the immediate Washington Square Park area.

2. Check-in and Check-out: Students are required to check-in to the dorms on July 10, 2022 between 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM on check-in day only. Students cannot check-in before or after this date. The residence hall will not accept any packages for students prior to the check-in day and only after July 11th when the student has officially checked into the residence hall. Students must check-in no later than 1:00 PM as there are mandatory orientations scheduled for check-in day. On the last Friday of the program, there is a final event scheduled. All students must check-out by 12:00 Noon on the check-out day, August 6, 2022. Students cannot check-out after this date and the residence hall will not hold onto packages for students after August 5th.

3. Curfew: Students have a residence hall curfew of 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday. By 1:00 AM, students must be in their designated rooms. Program Assistants (PAs) will monitor the residence hall at these times. No exceptions or requests to extend curfew will be accepted unless the student is on a curricula-mandated or University-sponsored event. It’s important for students to be well rested during their four weeks of rigorous training. Students will turn in their Student IDs at the end of each night to the staff at the residence hall and retrieve them in the morning the next day.

4. Residence Hall Life: Students are randomly assigned to a roommate by the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services. Campus housing has a dedicated team of professional and student staff to ensure student’s safety, sense of community, and administrative operations. Program assistants (PAs) will live on the floor with students. PAs will accompany students on all scheduled residential life activities that take them beyond the immediate Washington Square Park area. Students are required to adhere to all Residential Policies. Any violations can result in dismissal from the residence hall and from the program.

5. Down Time: Students will be in class between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, and may have evening/weekend labs, activities or homework. Sundays are reserved as Quiet Days at the dormitory for study. During any down time, students are encouraged to get their laundry done, keep in touch with family, attend scheduled residential life activities within and outside of the dorm, and relax. Students have the opportunity to experience life in New York City. New York University, however, does not have an enclosed campus. Students are advised to stay within close proximity of the main Washington Square campus, which is patrolled and serviced by the NYU Campus Safety officers. Students who choose to leave the campus area at any time understand that the farther they are from the main campus area, the more difficult it is for University and Residential Life staff to assist them should they need assistance. Students and their parents/guardians should discuss and decide upon appropriate boundaries and guidelines for travel off campus while attending Tisch Summer High School.

6. Health & Wellness: Maintaining personal health during the program is critical and students should make sure to continue any medical treatment while here. It is the students' responsibility to monitor and maintain their own medication or other required treatment and to alert NYU and the Tisch School of the Arts of any special needs. Students should discuss any current issues with a health professional to determine if it’s appropriate to attend this program. Students must carry their health insurance cards with them for the duration of the program.

7. Illegal Substances: There is a zero tolerance policy with regards to cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs. Any student caught using, abusing, or in possession of the above items can be asked to leave the program immediately without refund of tuition or fees. Students who are 18 during the time of the program are under the same constraints.

8. Overnight Leave: Students are not allowed to be away overnight or on weekends except for extenuating circumstances or emergencies. In such cases, students are required to notify the Tisch High School program administrator and dormitory staff of any leave by submitting an overnight leave form. The form must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian on record for the student. Forms must be submitted 48 hours before the requested leave in order to receive proper approval from NYU and Tisch staff.

9. Respect: Students should review The Tisch Policy on Harassment, as well as the Statement on Community Responsibility which requires that they respect their fellow students, faculty, and all program staff. Students may be asked to leave the program, without refund of tuition or fees, if they violate any of these principles.

10. Visitor/Guest Policy: Simply put, students are not allowed to have guests in their residence halls under any circumstances. Visitors are not permitted past residence hall security and must meet residential students in the building lobby. This is an intensive, collegiate experience for students and they should not have any outside distractions. Students should make plans to have extended visits with family and friends outside of the four-week program. No students will be allowed to sleep over in other student rooms.