Mega Grants Incubator 2020

Applications now closed.

DEADLINE: December 20, 2019 at 11:59pm

Since its inception, the Faculty Research Working Group (RWG) has explored numerous ways of supporting greater connectivity between and among Tisch faculty. Their work in 2017-19 focused mostly on the facilitation of new collaborations - across departments, disciplines, schools and professional fields – and some of these may be ripe for internal (NYU) and external funding.

In 2019, Research Working Group will shift its focus to concentrate on developing a small number of proposals that will be competitive for the University's Mega Grants Initiative. What does that mean?

In the short term, that means seed funding to develop your ideas. In the long term, that means the possibility of significant, multi-year FUNDING to support YOUR WORK.

What We Want

Your ideas. Your projects. Your questions. Fully formed or half-baked, what are the things you’re thinking about - that you’d like to keep thinking about, making about, researching about? (The only “eligibility” requirement for your idea/project/question is your belief that it occupies or connects with a landscape of other ideas you could stay interested in for a while.)

How to Respond

Fill out this FORM, which asks for your contact info, and a brief description of your idea/project/question. That’s IT.

What Happens Next?

With help from the Tisch Faculty Research Working Group, we will review all submissions and then follow-up with you individually to explore the best ways for TCR to help you “incubate” your project with seed funding. The overall goal is to create a pipeline (1, 2, 3 or more years in advance) of activity that could be considered for NYU’s Mega Grants Initiative. In the short-term, we just want to support the brave, expansive thinking of our faculty colleagues. 

What do you mean by “incubate?”

We mean: to develop safely, protected from external conditions and pressures. In the Mega Grants context, we can offer a variety of supports to help you incubate your ideas - and then we’ll see where those ideas lead. Specific "incubation" activity might include researching, identifying and "woo-ing" potential collaborators; conducting interviews, roundtable discussions or site visits to understand how a project might be scaffolded across disciplines and/or institutions; hosting workshops or other preliminary experiments to inform the direction, scope, or scale of a multi-year, mega grant project; or any other suitable activity that strengthens a proposed project.

And Then What?

We hope this process yields a handful of project proposals that can be submitted to NYU’s Mega Grants Initiative - on a timeline yet to be determined. The catalyst is your interest in pursuing this stream of support. We’re standing by, ready to help!

Questions? Reach out: