Rafik Greiss

Photo of Rafik Greiss

Rafik Greiss is a New York based, Irish-born Egyptian artist.

A Perfect Restraint

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This work is an inquiry on the different definitions of the word ‘matter’: as substance and as significance. What does it mean to make photographs in an overly saturated image world? We live in an era where the lines between actuality and fabrication are not only blurred, but even the separation of the two are almost meaningless. For prior generations, matter means, for example: a tree outside; For millennials, there is very little space between matter as image and matter as substance. There is a new way of understanding reality, one through lens-based practice. What is introduced is the idea of images as a substitute for matter. It is less about particular objects, but more about the enquiry of the objects in one’s life and how they react together. There are no prepackaged deductions, in there lies a truth, but one that must remain unknown to audiences and artists alike.