M.A. Student Biographies

Our students are a large part of what makes Performance Studies special. They come from a wide range of academic, cultural, and artistic backgrounds and create a vibrant intellectual environment. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about them.

  • Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

    Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

    Theatre, Gender & Sexuality, Feminist Performance

  • Stefa Govaart

    Stefa Govaart

    Sex, negativity, (non)relationality, transness, durational performance

  • Nour Helou

    Nour Helou

    Beauty Standards, Gender Norms, Identity Creation/Failure

  • Pannaga Jois

    Pannaga Jois

    Psychoanalysis, Gender Theory, Choreographic Analysis, Acting Theory

  • Chip Kimura

    Chip Kimura

    Queer & Trans Theory, Dance and Choreography, Black Studies, Marxism

  • Theo Malloy

    Theo Malloy

    Trans Studies, Queer Studies, Dramaturgy, Spectatorship

  • Books

    Leonor Mendes

    Improvisation, Politics of Spectatorship, Failure and Comedy

  • books

    Ro Miller

    Olfactory Experience, Agential Realism, Preservation and Residue

  • Sarah Berry Pierce

    Sarah Berry Pierce

    Theater Direction, Theater of the U.S. South, Queer and Feminist Theory

  • Camila Simonin

    Camila Simonin

    Movement Studies; Critical Theory; Spectatorship; Politics and Aesthetics

  • Spenser Stroud

    Spenser Stroud

    Neuroanalytics, psychoanalysis, choreography, Poetry, Film

  • Fengyi Wang

    Fengyi Wang

    Violence; social performance; dream; vanish