M.A. Student Biographies

Our students are a large part of what makes Performance Studies special. They come from a wide range of academic, cultural, and artistic backgrounds and create a vibrant intellectual environment. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about them.

  • Bryan Batista

    Bryan Batista-Thomas

    Temporality; Sexuality; Queer Studies; Psychoanalysis; Performance Theory; Deviance

  • Allen Baylosis

    Allen Baylosis

    performance of literature, the performance of everyday life, the performance of the self, spectatorship, Gender Studies, Performance Theory, Protest Art and Parodic Performances




  • nikki in glasses

    Nikki Davis

    Historical Female Solo Performance; Women, Gender, and Sexuality; The Female Body and Power

  • Lauren

    Lauren DeLeon

    Performance Studies

  • NA

    Wendy Eisenberg

    Sound studies, improvisation, the sociality and poetics of music and the instrument, gender theory

  • Asya Gorovits

    Asya Gorovits

    Participatory Art; Immersive Theatre; Virtual Performance; Spectatorship; Queer and Feminist Studies; Arts Criticism as Performance

  • NA

    Sarah Guilbault

    Queer Theory; Psychoanalytic Theory; Absurdity; Media Studies; Intimacy

  • NA

    Jesse Hathaway

    Orality, Ritual Studies, Postcolonialism, Semiotics of Reading, Syncretization and Hybridization in Language/Religous Thought/Culture, Performance of the Everyday, Occult Philosophy and Practice

  • NA


    Musical Theater

  • NA

    Shivani Joshi

    Indigenous Studies, Colonialism in India, Dance, Bharatnatyam, Feminist Studies

  • Marissa Lane

    Marissa Lane

    Intimacy; Trauma Studies; Feminism; Queer Studies

  • NA

    Cora Laszlo

    Performance Studies; Dance; Improvisation, Movement and Choreography; Latin American Studies; Immigration and Diaspora; Dramaturgy

  • NA

    Victor Lozano

    performance theory; psychoanalysis and the creative mind; performance practice in the digital age; dance and theater studies; interdisciplinary art; arts and dance criticism; communication/language of abstract art and performance; critical race theory, queer, and gender studies in relation to arts education/dance performance pedagogy

  • NA

    Sonya Merutka

    Contemporary feminist and queer performance art, critical race and whiteness studies, queer and feminist theory, visual culture, artistic social practice, theories of coalition

  • NA

    Tanais Perez


  • Raymond Pinto

    Raymond Pinto

    Creative Research

  • NA

    Evan Pyle

    Queerness and pop music, disability theory, literary and critical theory, digital culture, queer temporality

  • Yaneirie Rondon

    Yaneirie Rondon

    Kinesics Studies in Performance, Identity, Digital Performance, Object Ontology and the self, Deleuze & Guattari, Sound, and Theatre studies

  • Aarlene Vielot

    Aarlene Vielot

    Music, Affect, Performance and Personality, Psychology

  • Rachel in red outside

    Rachel Vishanoff

    dance; dance and drill team; sport; theories of the body; gender; American studies