Why We Left: Israeli Identity Outside of Zion(ism)

Image of city and woman

Please join us for an evening of thoughtful discussion about Israeli identity outside of the confines of geopolitical boundaries and grand messianic notions of Jewish nationhood with Yarden Stern, Tali Keren & Ita Segev.

We will discuss our shared experiences and thoughts on the ongoing occupation in Israel/Palestine, the national betrayal associated with migration from the “Holy Land”, the estrangement and care experienced with the Jewish-American communities and how exactly makeshift communities of dissidents find one another. As a group of individuals invested in performance, both as vehicle and vernacular, we will discuss how practice and theory allow for an ethical discussion and engagement to take place.

This event is curated by PS Ph.D. candidate, Yarden Stern.

Photo provided by: Tali Keren.