Salon Series

Performance Studies Salon Series

The ​Performance Studies ​Salon Series ​is a student-run initiative that ​invite​s​ current students, faculty and alumni to come together and share their skills in the field of Performance Studies. PSers are talented, fabulous and knowledgeable. The Salon Series offers a collaborative ​space ​all about learning new skills and ideas. ​It includes a wide range of programming ​like visual artwork, ​performance pieces, ​practicum workshops and discussion panels. Some programs which students and alums have led in the past include: self scripted choreography, a film installation inspired by Amusement parks, ​how to incorporate poetic writing into your academic writing, ​and a talk on publishing without an agent. 

After the Salon Series, stick around for the xChange Anthology Release Party! We will celebrate the culmination of the xChange, an experimental collective writing project fostering inter-departmental and inter-collegiate connection, sponsored by the NYU Tisch GSO Grants: The Office of the Dean and the Graduate Student Organization.  We’ll eat, drink, and merrily announce the publication indexing this inaugural endeavor, featuring original contributions from fellow Performance Studies peers: Chela Gomez Alva, Iván Espinosa, Jing Gu, Keira Mayo, Yaneirie Rondon, Kevin F. StoryNGUYEN Minh Trung, and Matt Wilson as well as colleagues from the Department of Dramatic Writing, and the College of Staten Island.

More information forthcoming!