Fall 2018 Salon Series

Salon Series

Join us for the Fall 2018 Salon Series! This student-driven initiative invites PS students from all cohorts to come together, collaborate, and learn how other PS students are applying the field of performance studies to their own work. 


9:30am | Doors Open

10am-10:30am | Kick Off

"Reclaiming Our Scream" | Will Green (M.A. Candidate) and Gwen Rakotovao (M.A. Candidate)

10:45am-12:15pm | Workshops

"I Am Optimized And So Can You!" | Manion Kuhn (B.A. Candidate)

"Tending towards Improv; A collective collecting" | Isaac Silber (M.A. Candidate) and Jessica Saldaña (M.A. Candidate)

"Make-Up by Mel: Eyeliner & Eyeshadow" | Melissa McDonald (B.A. Candidate)

12:15pm-1pm | Lunch Break

"Quiero Morirme" | Installation by Sol de la Ciudad (B.A. Candidate)

1pm-6pm | Performances

"Cruel Shampoo" | Cornelia Barber (M.A. Candidate)

"Monologue from Will Eno's Oh The Humanity: Behold The Coach, in a Blazer, Uninsured" | Felipe Bonilla (M.A. Candidate)

"'Paper Crane Takes F-F-Flight' (2016): Sonic Gestures of Militarized Anatomopolitics" | Susana Kwon (M.A. Candidate)

"stealing intimacies" | Isa Saldaña (M.A. Candidate)

3pm-3:15pm | Break

"Redressing 'Camp': Notes on Capital" | David Sierra (M.A. Candidate)

"Marigold: A Sibling Sketch (reading)" | Jayel Gant (M.A. Candidate)

"Caged Aria (music set)" | Jess Saldaña (M.A. Candidate)

"Twizzler Piece" | Noah Witke Mele (B.A. Candidate)

"Performance Peace Circle" | Cree Noble (M.A. Candidate)

5:45pm-6pm | Closing

6pm | Reception

*Order of presentations is subject to change.