Evidence is a new multidisciplinary performance series showcasing the various artistic backgrounds of the current M.A. candidates in Performance Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Performance Studies candidates at NYU are comprised of a diverse group of young people who hail from around the globe. We've gathered in NYC to engage in deep study of performance theories. In early fall we invite you to join us as we shake loose our academic skins to share and celebrate this convergence of culture, theory, and performance.  

The name 'Evidence' draws upon José Muñoz's seminal 'Ephemera as Evidence.' With his presence deeply missed in the department, his influence on the staff and students still lingers. We saw his potential for queer world-making and Utopia as a call left unanswered. The image of the torch comes to represent the night, not only in its reference to NYU's insignia, but also in the idea of the the torch being passed. In our small way we hope these performances will be ephemeral pieces of evidence that said, "we were here." And, perhaps, we'll find we've created a small sense of Utopia in the process.

Performers include: Rosalia Lerner, Helen Gutowski, Constantine Lignos, Diego Saldaña, Camila Aaroyo, Anna Kolfinna Kuran, Goldie Luxe, Kimberly Cunningham, Magnus Rosengarten, Joanna Ruth Evans, Adel Hernandez, & Avon Bashida.

The night will see varying performances from dramatic reading, to musical performance, to dance, to theatre and more. For descriptions about each performer and piece please visit our website.

When: Friday September 23rd @ 7pm
Where: The Kraine Theater, 85 E4th St.
Tickets: $15 cash at the door or online