Disability/Arts/NYC: 17 Lessons from 17 Months of Activism

On the left, a white woman in a wheelchair with curly hair adjusts her glasses, smiling. On the right, a bearded white man laughs, mid-snap.

A dialogue with Simi Linton & Kevin Gotkin, co-directors, Disability/Arts/NYC Task Force (DANT)

In the fall of 2016, disability activists Simi Linton and Kevin Gotkin convened a task force to advance disability artistry in NYC.  In its first year, the Disability/Arts/NYC Task Force (DANT) focused on influencing the city’s cultural policy and had a strong impact on NYC’s first-ever cultural plan. DANT has also started building a community of emerging disabled artists and programming public events - most recently at the Whitney Museum - to elucidate the ways disability is an engine of artistic and creative practice. Now, 17 months into the work, DANT’s co-directors will share lessons from their work in the field, including approaches to disability consultations, the equitable locations of costs of access, and how disability arts emerges from and fuels the work of justice.


This event is free and open to the public but seating is limited. The space is wheelchair accessible. For other accommodations, please contact: tzoanni@nyu.edu