Third Annual Curating Performance Symposium: Curation As Collaboration

Image credit: Jaime Acioli, (Eleonora Fabião Azul Azul Azul Azul: Bispo do Rosário Museum, 2016)
Image credit: Jaime Acioli, (Eleonora Fabião Azul Azul Azul Azul: Bispo do Rosário Museum, 2016)

How do artists and curators, collaborate with one another, but also with different institutions and communities in the making of performance-oriented curatorial projects? How do curators and artists work together in co-imagining modes of display, presentation, and performance for both existing and new works? In which ways do the curatorial act and the artistic act respond to each other’s specificity (or fail to do so!), when curating performance? How performance and curation as dialogical practices may not only re-shape ideas and acts of collaboration, but also of participation and curatorial care? An international and multidisciplinary group of scholars, artists and curators from Singapore, Brazil, Canada, the UK, and the US will gather throughout the day to discuss collaborative practices across the arts. 

Participants include: Irit Rogoff (Professor, Glodsmiths College, London), Will Rawls (choreographer, dancer, curator), Ishmael Houston-Jones (choreographer, dancer, curator), Adrienne Edwards (Curator for Performance, Whitney Museum, PhD candidate NYU), Noémie Solomon (Program Director, Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance, Wesleyan University), Fabiana Lopes (Independent Curator, PhD candidate, NYU), Ong Keng Sen (Independent curator and Director of TheatreWorks, Singapore, PhD candidate NYU), Glenn Wharton (Clinical Associate Professor, Museum Studies, NYU), Barbara Clausen (Professor, Art History, University of Québec), Tara Aisha Willis (Associate Curator of Performance, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, PhD candidate NYU), Savinien Cosacostea (Independent curator, architect, and food artist), Ana Janevski (Curator, Performance & Media, MoMA), Vivian Crockett (MRC Fellow, Media and Performance, MoMA; PhD Candidate, Columbia), RoseLee Goldberg (Clinical Associate Professor at Steinhardt School, NYU; director of PERFORMA) Allen S. Weiss (Writer, independent curator, Distinguished Teacher Performance Studies & Cinema Studies, NYU), Malik Gaines (Artist, founding member of My Barbarian, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies, NYU), André Lepecki (independent curator and Professor, Performance Studies, NYU).

Co-curated by Malik Gaines, André Lepecki, and Allen S. Weiss

Organized by the Department of Performance Studies, in collaboration with the Museum Studies Program and with Cinema Studies, NYU. 

Seating is limited and first-come, first-serve.