Creation Through the Path of Discovery: A Performance Workshop Directed in Farsi

This workshop is an attempt in resistance, healing and, experimentation for those who are aggressively affected by the current Iran-US political climate and financial war. In each session, we will focus on a practical training method from experimental theatre and performance. By opening our bodies to new explorations inspired by experimental theatre and performance, we will open a space for inter-cultural bonding and healing rituals in exile. The workshop is called "Creation through the path of discovery" which is inspired by the methodology of an Iranian contemporary director and playwright called Jalal Tehrani.

The workshop is open to the public and is limited to 12 participants. We invite participants from any level of prior experience, but it is particularly designed for those who are new to theatre and performance. It will be directed in Farsi and we welcome any Farsi speaking enthusiast, regardless of national identity. If you would like to participate, please contact Niyoosha directly at

This event is directed by Performance Studies alum Niyoosha Ahmadi Khoo (M.A. '17) and is facilitated by Performance Studies Ph.D. Candidate Yarden Stern.  


Niyoosha Ahmadi Khoo (M.A. '17) is an alum of the Performance Studies M.A. program. Her focus has been ever-changing throughout her academic journey; from physics to theatre, and from mechanical engineering to performance studies. During the past three years, she has been focusing on the interwoven discourses around national identity, religious identity, and gender identity.  She values curiosity, playfulness, story-telling, and story-not-telling.