B.A. Capstone Symposium 2019

B.A. Capstone Symposium 2019

Join our graduating B.A. students in a presentation of their Capstones on Friday, May 10th. There will be presentations, moderated panels, and a reception to follow. Please come by to see the culmination of their work here in Performance Studies.

Order of Events

2:30pm-3:25pm Artist’s Statements

Jackson Hirsh, Nen, Melissa McDonald

Malik Gaines, Moderator

3:30-4:10pm Performance Reviews

Lisa Mordkovich, Agnes Walsh

Taylor Black, moderator

4:15pm-4:55pm Projects

Fabian Luna, Christiana Miller

Cy Citlallin Delgado, moderator

4:55-5:15pm Break

5:15-6:10pm Papers and Performance Reviews

Zane Liston, Yaneirie Rondon, Manion Kuhn

André Lepecki, moderator

6:15-6:55pm Projects

Isabel Pastore, Keem Ali

Sareh Afshar, moderator

7:00pm Reception