Shannen Gabriella

B.A. Candidate

Shannen Gabriella Burton

Shannen Gabriella is an interdisciplinary artist from Portland, Oregon. She aspires to deconstruct boundaries and push limits towards the infinite. She believes that we must see every moment as a new chance to begin; to evolve beyond the ordinary. She uses the latin word “AGERE”(meaning, to set something into motion) as a framework for this mantra. Currently, she is working towards a future in music as both a performer and songwriter. Further, she is passionate about photography and writing fiction. She aspires to unveil the “strange” in the world and highlight its beauty. Some of her influences are Jim Morrison, Alan Watts, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Vivian Maier, and David Bowie.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies

New York, New York