Melissa McDonald

B.A. Candidate

Melissa McDonald

Melissa is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the performance of recorded music, singing, visual art, theater, dance, makeup, skin care and technology. Her work entails: producing live music events, mixed media projects, songs, poetry, VR installations, painting, drawing, and this year: sculpting. 

She manages as a sales rep for Fusion Brands CBD and Rise Kombucha, additionally working with America Reads as a tutor.

All in all, Melissa sees herself as creator between world utilizing her work to address the subconscious and conscious traces we leave behind in our decision-making. She often refers to intuition as the infinite source of her practice.

Why PS @ NYU?

I chose Performance Studies because I recognized that if I could understand what the point to creating theater/art in general was, then I no longer would have existential crises about why I was creating in the first place. Performance Studies has given me the academic recognition of the importance of practice & it's social, cultural, economic, political value in society. Performance Studies informed my subjective relationship to the world, allowing me to understand the myriad of ways in which I can exist through a variety of expressions. I chose the program because not only was I interested in how we perform on stage or on the canvas, but how those performances could translate to my day to day life.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies, Minor in Studio Art

New York, New York

Internships & Residencies

• Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, Intern
• Jump Into the Light VR Cinema & Playlab, Intern
• Kimball Studios, Intern
• Artist in Residence, Jump Into The Light
• Artist in Residence, Playlab

Awards & Distinctions

• NYU Dean's List
• Gallatin Student Arts Festivals participant