Maria Koblyakova

BA Candidate

Maria Koblyakova

Maria Koblyakova is a multicultural сurator and art producer residing in New York City. Russian-born, French cultured, and American educated, she is currently pursuing Chinese studies. In addition to her major in Performance Studies she is minoring in Producing and Studio Art. Her goal is to understand the theoretical aspect of performance studies, as well as the logistics of fundraising collective performances and studio practice.  Her areas of concentration are Mixed Media Art, navigating society through performance, and multicultural performance art. She is in the process of launching a project about NYC subway music subcultures and creating a series of kinetic sculptures to represent interhuman behaviours.

Maria works as a pigiste for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art Magazine and as a producer of multimedia art installations at the MediaMead Studio in Moscow, Russia.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies

New York, New York