Jeremy Swanton

BA Candidate

Jeremy Swanton

Jeremy is currently a Junior, pursuing his BA in Performance Studies. He is also working towards earning minors in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. The focus of his studies lies in the analysis of the performance of everyday life. Jeremy's work plays with the limitations of words and the formation of identity structures throughout time and language. In addition to his academic research, Jeremy is an active performer and musician of both stage and screen.

Jeremy is currently serving as the President of Tisch Undergraduate Student Council. He is also one of the Tisch Arts Representatives for the Department of Performance Studies.


I chose NYU to study Performance Studies because its environment is unlike any other in the world. The department is the perfect mixture of analysis and artistry. The academic rigor is astounding and really transforms your relationship to the world around you. By majoring in Performance Studies, I was able to customize the direction of my degree to incorporate all of my interests. Because the department is so small, professors and advisors really give you the personal attention that is needed to foster educational growth. I love studying Performance Studies at NYU specifically because New York is alive and constantly evolving. Every day, every single person that I see is performing in some way. Being able to question, theorize, and explore their performances throughout my time here has brought me so much joy.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies

New York, New York