Hadar Landan

BA Candidate

Hadar Landan

Hadar is from Los Altos, California, and graduated from Homestead High School. With an extensive background in many styles of dance, ranging from ballet and contemporary to tap, she has a deep  interest in the connection between movement and performance. Hadar also has experience teaching dance since the age of 15, where she wrote lesson plans, taught technique, and choreographed pieces. As a pre-professional tap dancer, Hadar has received many scholarships to further her training with some of the greatest tap masters of today. She is passionate about bringing tap to the forefront of popular performance, where movement and music intersect. Currently, she is interning for the DC Tap Festival, and is continuing to pursue a career in dance.

Why PS @ NYU?

I chose Performance Studies because of its interdisciplinary nature. In this department I'm able to focus on performance in my own passions of dance and music, while complementing that with an intellectual and academic education that lets me see how performance affects the culture around me.


New York University

Bachelor of Arts Candidate - Performance Studies

New York, New York