the architecture of black

Sojourner Brown


Sojourner Brown is a graduating senior in NYU Tisch with a BFA in Drama and a Minor in Creative Writing through the College of Arts and Sciences. As an actor, poet, singer/songwriter, and playwright, Sojourner is continually interested in the chain of historic meaning that words conjure up. She feels called to storytelling as a platform to promote empathy, to uplift marginalized communities, and to create artistic spaces of inclusivity.

These poems are from "the architecture of black," a poetry collection about being black in America. Sojourner found the inspiration to start this collection while studying abroad last summer at the Writers in Paris program in France after viewing the ongoing media coverage of the deaths of people of color back home in the U.S.

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Sojourner Brown, TSOA ‘17
Playwriting Practicum Spring 2016
New York Through the Documentary Lens Fall 2016