Jenna Rush

I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from my own life and the people around me. I think I've lived a pretty peculiar life that has really shaped the person I turned out to be. It all started on a trip to Aruba when I was about two. My grandparents and my parents and I all took a week vacation to the Caribbean. Only to return with two divorces. My grandma decided that after 30 years of marriage to my grandfather, it was finally time for her to come out of the closet. I suppose this divorce inspired my mother? Ever since then, it's been just us girls. Plus one more marriage, another daughter, and another divorce. But once again, just us girls. Growing up in a largely matriarchal family has made me the feminist I am today. The "I don't need no man" mentality is very much strong and alive in my household. When I was eight years old and my mother was fresh off her second divorce, we were in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. The cable was out and I was a very frustrated child. Amidst my dismay towards the useless TV, I exclaimed, "See, this is why we need a man in the house." Awoken with fury, my mother trudged out into the snow and fixed the damn TV herself, like the true badass she is. It was in this moment that I claimed my mother as the most inspirational woman in my life; my forever role model. I try to surround myself with powerful women as much as possible. The future truly is female and female stories are my stories.

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Jenna Rush, TSOA ‘16
Writing the TV Sitcom Fall 2016