3 Exciting Fall Courses

Fall 2018 Open Arts Courses

As Fall 2018 registration nears, take a look at a few of the amazing courses Open Arts has to offer!


OART-UT 1004

Instructor: Eric Juhola

Impact Producing is an emerging field in the film industry that uses issue-driven films as catalysts to create social, political, or cultural change through advocacy and engagement. Just as films have producers to manage the creative and financial process from script to screen, they also increasingly need Impact Producers to take the film campaign from production to impact.

Instructor Eric Juhola

Instructor Eric Juhola

The Open Arts Theatre Experience

OART-UT 1917

Instructor: Steven Drukman

This class is tied to the production schedule of the Skirball Performance series at the NYU Kimmel Center and encompasses a wide range of forms and genres: music (a whisper opera by ICE), dance (Jerome Bel), experimental performance (the UK and German group GobSquad), spoken word/circus (THISISPOPBABY), political satire (the Chilean group Teatro La Re-Sentida) and combination thereof. The majority if not entirety of the syllabus is dedicated to non-traditional theories and forms.

NYU Skirball Center

NYU Skirball Center

Portrait of an Artist: Walter Murch


Instructor: Brane Zivkovic

This course examines the artistic career and creative work of Walter Murch, Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer, and the first and only artist to win Academy Awards for both film editing and sound mixing on a single film (The English Patient, 1997). The class will provide an unprecedented inside look into Mr. Murch’s processes of sound designing, editing, mixing, writing, and directing on such acclaimed and memorable films as THX 1138, American Graffiti, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Return to Oz, The English Patient, Touch of Evil, and Cold Mountain.

Walter Murch

Walter Murch