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ITP Dept/IMA Program, Assistant Arts Professor 

The ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) Master’s program and the new IMA (Interactive Media Arts) undergraduate program of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts invites applications for an Assistant Arts Professor starting Fall 2022. This position is a multiyear, renewable non-tenure track appointment.
At ITP/IMA we believe that working with people of different disciplines, backgrounds and experiences is key to generating new ideas. We embrace various methodologies from art, science, engineering, design and the humanities. Our approach to learning relies on collaboration rather than competition so as to cultivate a creative environment in which exploration, analysis, risk, and failure can freely occur. We use an iterative cycle of making, generating, criticizing and abstracting, where the making may come first and is rarely left out, but the focus is on the development and refinement of ideas. Our goal is to train a new kind of professional, whose practical understanding of technology is informed by a strong sense of aesthetics, ethics, and a healthy doubt of the status quo.
We are seeking imaginative, skillful, and generous colleagues to help students learn how to use emerging media and communication technologies to enrich, enhance and improve people's lives. We especially value candidates whose practice engages with the theoretical, historical and social aspects of technology, and who are able to lead critical discussions concerning these topics with our students and community.  We are actively seeking applicants that have a commitment to equity-forward teaching practices and who recognize and embrace the values of inclusivity and diversity, both in the classroom and in the field.

Teaching is the primary activity of all full-time ITP/IMA faculty. Faculty members are expected to develop and teach elective courses that reflect their own research and that address practical and theoretical topics of interest to students. Successful candidates will provide evidence of their ability to undertake these teaching responsibilities. Additionally, the ideal candidate will have the necessary skills to teach at least one course from our core curriculum. The topic areas of these courses include:
●   Computer programming
●   Basic electronics and microcontroller programming
●   Media production, including sound, video, and animation, VR/AR
●   Graphic and web design
●   Thesis/Capstone advisement
Our full-time faculty members are expected to show achievement in their professional and artistic work. Accordingly, successful candidates for this position will have a demonstrated record of impact in their field. We value traditional measures of success, such as artistic exhibitions or publications, but equally value professional impact as demonstrated by work that others produce using a faculty member’s tools, examples, and tutorials. Professional work that crosses disciplines and/or empowers marginalized communities is particularly valued.

We believe that the creative use of new technology must be inclusive and should strive towards creating a more equitable society. Having a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds and with different abilities working together to make creative use of new technology is not only important but paramount to our mission. As such, we expect that all faculty work towards the goal of inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility within our department.

Faculty members are expected to facilitate activities, events, conversations, labs, and visitors that enrich the ITP/IMA community. They are also expected to actively participate in the larger sphere of departmental and university service.
Please upload the following components to Interfolio Link:

1) Cover Letter that specifies areas of expertise particularly relevant to the position;
2) Curriculum Vitae;
3) Evidence of teaching effectiveness including select course syllabi and evaluations;
4) The names of three referees with bio statements due by 10/1 -- three complete letters of reference accompanied by a bio or CV from each Referrer due by 11/1.
5) Work samples that best represent areas of expertise outlined in the Cover Letter. Samples may include recordings, videos, published materials, interactive projects etc. -- please provide a URL with brief documentation for each creative submission.